Vocal critic of Kadyrov is missing in Chechnya

Vocal critic of Kadyrov is missing in Chechnya
Ruslan Martagov

A political analyst Ruslan Martagov did not return home after a conversation with the Press Ministry of Chechnya Umarov.

A political analyst and independent journalist Ruslan Martagov is missing in Chechnya. The day before he went missing, he visited the Press Ministry of Chechnya at the personal invitation of Umarov. At home, he was known as a consistent critic of the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to Novaya Gazeta, in the morning, a 66-year-old political analyst received a phone call from the reception of the Press Ministry of Chechnya with a request for a personal meeting. The journalist stayed there until 2 p.m. and then returned home, where he received another call; he was again summoned to the Office. Last conversation with his relatives was by phone – Martagov dialed them on the way home. He did not reach his destination. There is no answer on his both numbers.

The Deputy Minister Sayid-Selim Abdulmuslimov, with whom the political analyst communicated that day, said that after his conversation with Martagov was over, Minister Umarov personally called a taxi for the journalist. Worried relatives have told the press that they intend to fill out a missing person report in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Grozny and the local branch of the Federal Security Service.

Martagov became known in the early 90's as a fighter with the policy of the head of the Republic of Ichkeriya Dudayev. In 1996, the journalist was appointed the Acting Minister of the Press and Information of Chechnya. Since Kadyrov came to power, the opposition activist criticized the numerous cases of human rights violations and public humiliation of opponents of the President of the Republic.



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