Vladimir region: head of district administration hid his criminal record for theft of TV sets 

Vladimir region: head of district administration hid his criminal record for theft of TV sets
Mikhail Gorin

Mikhail Gorin, a member of the United Russia party, has never revealed information about his criminal record back in 1993 for stealing several TV sets from a radio factory.

The head of Kirzhach district administration of the Vladimir region, Mikhail Gorin, has been previously convicted of a theft back in 1993. ProVladimir reports about this with reference to a copy of a verdict of the court.

According to the document, 22-year-old Gorin, together with two accomplices, worked as an inspector at the 4th department of the security service of the Aleksandrovsky Radio Factory. Having entered into an agreement, they decided to steal several TV sets from the enterprise.

The accomplices planned to commit a crime on the night of March 8, 1993. Having arrived at the service, the three took color TVs for 210,950 rubles through a hole in the roof around 2 o'clock in the morning.

However, as soon as the accomplices left the factory, they were detained by the police. The accomplices stayed in custody for three days, after that they were released on bail.

During the trial, the defendants denied a collusion: two security guards said that each of them decided to steal a TV independently. Gorin did not admit his guilt, explaining to the court that on the night of March 8, 1993 he wanted to hide the TV set, and then return it, having received an award for it.

However, all three were convicted under Part 4 of Article 89 of the Criminal Code of the USSR - “theft on a large scale”, providing a sentence of 5 to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. However, the sentence was surprisingly mild for the convicts. Taking into account positive characteristics and the damage done, the court sentenced them to 2 years of correctional labor at the same factory with a retention of 20% of salary each month.

The publication also notes that Mikhail Gorin has never mentioned his criminal record for theft. His official biography on the website of the administration of the Kirzhach district only mentions that: “He started his career at the Aleksandrovsky Radio Factory. Since 1997, he has been a successful entrepreneur. "


Gorin has been a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region of the fourth and fifth convocations (2005 and 2009), as well as the Council of People's Deputies of the Aleksandrovsky District of the third and fourth convocations (2011 and 2015). No documents mention his criminal record.

Also, in 2011-2012, the Deputy headed the administration of the Aleksandrovsky district, in 2014–2015 he had been elected twice as the head of the Aleksandrovsky district and the chairman of the district council. On November 30, 2015, Gorin was appointed as the head of Administration of the Kirzhach district.


According to the law № 58 of May 30, 2007 “On the Municipal Service in the Vladimir Region”, a citizen cannot be employed for the municipal service in the case of submission of forged documents or knowingly false information when entering the municipal service.

The form of the questionnaire was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation by decree No. 667-P of May 26, 2005. In its 9th paragraph, there is a question: “Have you ever been sentenced - when and for what?”. At the same time, there is a note in the government version: “To be completed upon admission to the state civil service of the Russian Federation”.

In this regard, the publication asks the question - what is in the questionnaires of an official when he enters the service as head of administration of the Aleksandrovsky and Kirzhachsky regions? It is obvious, Gorin’s criminal past probably does not affect his current situation or a long-term criminal conviction is not an obstacle to municipal service. But if an official put a dash or wrote the word "no" in the form, it can be qualified as deliberately false information.



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