Vladikavkaz ex-Mayor's son bought off of deadly accident? 

Vladikavkaz ex-Mayor's son bought off of deadly accident?
Georgy Dzantiev

Originator of a car accident Georgy Dzantiev paid 1 million rubles to the family of the deceased.

The family of Viktor Kunitsyn, who was killed in a car accident caused by son of Vladikavkaz former Mayor Sergey Dzantiev Georgy, received compensation. Dzantiev’s clan paid 1 million rubles to affected.

"They helped in the organization of the funeral - gave 300 thousand rubles. And another 700 thousand for moral damage," Viktor Kunitsyn's widow Lyudmila told Life.

She also noted that the culprit of the accident repented at the police station and asked for forgiveness from the family of the deceased.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Georgy Dzantiev rammed the front running Moskvich while driving Range Rover at high speed. The accident occurred on the 313-kilometer of the federal highway Kavkaz. The driver of Moskvich, 63-year-old Viktor Kunitsyn, died on the spot and his passenger was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Three passengers of Range Rover received minor injuries.

Recall, the father of a guilty party, former Mayor of Vladikavkaz Sergey Dzantiev, is hiding from the investigation on suspicion of Misappropriation (part 4, Art. 160 of the Criminal Code).

Сергей Дзантиев

Sergey Dzantiev

At present, his whereabouts are currently unknown, he is wanted. Dzantiev Sr. became involved in the case of embezzlement on a large scale at the end of 2016. During the search at his home it was found about 3 million rubles, and a wedge of gold weighing 1 kg, a few credit cards, on which accounts there were 50 million rubles.

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