Video: woman humiliates small child asking food and beats him 

Video: woman humiliates small child asking food and beats him

In the video, a woman is bullying a small child.

A video showing a woman humiliating and beating a small boy caused a major stir in the Network. The user who published the video says that it happened in Kamchatka this summer. 

A lady sitting at the table with a bottle of vodka and a snack humiliated a small child who asked for food. “What's the going rate for souls these days?” the woman asks and put a chewed gum in the child’s mouth.

The child begins to cry. “Have you eaten yet?” the woman takes away the gum from the boy’s mouth and tells him to go to sleep.

“Don’t be hysterical,” the woman yells at him and hits him again.

According to Kam 24, the incident occurred in the apartment of the boy’s uncle, who was considered his official guardian. A case has been opened against him about the torture of the child and the non-fulfillment of duties.

IC is also investigating into the woman in the video. According to unconfirmed information, the boy lives in a temporary family.



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