Video of wedding lezghinka at eternal light in Arzamas emerge on web 

Video of wedding lezghinka at eternal light in Arzamas emerge on web
Photo: Video screenshot

The citizens of the city are affronted by behavior of the celebration’s guests.

Video of lezghinka at eternal light in Arzamas emerged on the web prompted outrage among the locals. The video was posted by a VK public.

Initially, the wedding cortege crossed the road while the signal was red; then, the participants started dancing at the memorial.

With that, the car was parked in the area in front of the eternal light. As soon as lezghinka was over, the driver decided to arrange a drift.

The locals were affronted and demanded to punish the celebration’s guests. As a result, video of the drifting driver apologizing emerged on the web. He explained they were celebrating his friend’s wedding and did not mean to offend the memory of victims of the The Great Patriotic War. The bride couple did not appear. 

Law-enforcement officers identified the participants of the incidents. Two citizens of Arzamas who allowed the violation during the wedding cortege at the memorial complex Eternal light have been subjected to administrative liability. They are expected to be sentenced to a 2 thousand rubles ($30) fine,” the regional directorate of Russia’s MIA told RIA Novosti.



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