Video of Saratov's civil servant swearing at police leaks to Internet 

Video of Saratov's civil servant swearing at police leaks to Internet

The Volzhsky District Court convicted 38 y. o. former City Hall civil servant Evgeny Shagin of swearing at police while drunk.

The Chetvertaya Vlast Media Outlet acquired the video. It was one of the officers that Mr Shagin swore at who shot the video.

Police arrested Mr Shagin on the Radishcheva Street, Saratov at 7 P. M. on May 24, according to police; they noticed him due to the man being drunk and staggering. He began behaving rudely and claiming he is “one of the City Hall employees” while pointing at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration once asked to show his ID.

The former civil servant began insulting officers and threatening them once taken to police station. He said he would “give a call to powerful people” and “remember everyone who insulted him”.

Police filed a case to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation that resulted in criminal prosecution against the perpetrator for breaking the part 1 of Article 318 (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power that does not endanger human life or health, or threats to use violence against a representative of power, or his relatives, in connection with the discharge by his official duties) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The man did not lie about his job, as turned out during the investigation. He turned out to be the Chief Financial Committee Officer for Quality Control of Municipal Purchases.

Mr Shagin claimed he was drunk because of having attended to his friend’s birthday party. He was dismissed from the City Hall, according to the latest reports.

Police failed to prove that the perpetrator threatened officers with physical violence. However, the judge said it was obvious that he did insult them. Mr Shagin was found guilty of breaking the Article 319 of the Code and sentenced to 300 hours of community service.

Video: Saratov civil servant scolds at police



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