Video: Novgorod deputy Nisanov's drug factory 

Video: Novgorod deputy Nisanov's drug factory
Such an unusual product is produced by Novgorodsky Bacon factories

Exclusive materials of The CrimeRussia allow to take an inside look at the enterprise producing banned drugs in the Novgorod region.⁠

The CrimeRussia got hold of the videotapes depicting the internal ‘decoration’ of one of the factories producing cannabis, located in the territory of enterprise Novgorodsky Bacon. The situation is provocative as the family of deputy of the Novgorod regional Duma Roman Nisanov owns the above-mentioned company.

The footage starts ourside, then goes to the hidden rooms where the drug is grown and packaged. Then the video shows a few dozen bushes, presumably cannabis, growing in greenhouses with special lighting and air conditioning. At the same time, if in the first greenhouses you can see only the sprouts of ‘junk’, the following ones house huge bushes ready for sale.

Продукция фабрик Нисановых

Produce of the Nisanovs’ factories

For the first time the surname of the Nisanovs appeared in the context of clandestine drug manufacturing in 2012. Then the local police found several hangars with laboratories for processing cannabis in the villages of Gora and Chechulino near Novgorod. According to the documents, both premises belonged to Novgorodsky Bacon LLC, whose director is Roman Nisanov, a deputy of the Novgorod Regional Duma, and one of the owners is his father Gennady Nisanov.

Роман Нисанов

Roman Nisanov

In the clandestine enterprise in the village of Gora law enforcement officers found dozens of illegal migrants and about 1500 cannabis bushes. At the drug factory in the village of Chechulino criminals managed to burn all the premises together with their contents, but analysis of the burning residues showed that hemp was produced there. Then the family of the Nisanovs managed to escape responsibility: according to the data of The CrimeRussia, the Nisanovs retroactively registered the premises on a nominee, some Marabyan. As a result, Marabyan was sentenced to 8 years in prison and was fined for 800 thousand rubles ($14 thousand). The Nisanovs compensated these ‘inconveniences’, having paid 10 million rubles ($175 thousand).

However, a short time ago many things have changed for the influential clan of the Nisanovs. Their reliable patron in the person of ex-leader of the Investigative Committee in the Novgorod region Ekaterina Gilina will no longer be able to support them due to the transfer to work in another region. Perhaps this time the police will be able to unleash the case of clandestine drug factories to the full. Gilina herself may find herself on the other side of the law, as she may face a criminal case under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers) in the near future.

Video: Novgorod deputy Nisanov's drug factory on video



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