Video goes viral: Irkutsk Deputy doing squats with coffins as background  

Video goes viral: Irkutsk Deputy doing squats with coffins as background
Anastasia Myakina

A video the Irkutsk elected Deputy posted on Instagram is becoming increasingly popular in other social networks.

An Instagram video posted by Anastasia Myakina, the Duma Deputy of Shelekhov District (Irkutsk region), has gone viral. The video shows the Deputy, who serves as director of the Funeral Services Municipal Enterprise in Shelekhov, doing squats to a song.

Indeed, it’s only a benefit to the 34-year-old woman, who is also the Head of Shelekhov’s Edinaya Rossiya faction, yet what really outraged commenters was the place of exercise: Funeral Services’ exhibition halls. The Deputy is actually doing squats with coffins, crosses and wreaths as a background.

“I joined a weight-loss program. We have to do exercises every day and upload video proof. I was doing booty burners during my lunchtime. I do not know much about all these technologies, so I had no idea the video would be available to the general public. Now, I don't know what to do, I could be fired,” Anastasia Myakina told Life.

The Shelekhov Mayor (the woman’s immediate superior) has already commented the situation.

“I was already told this happened. There will definitely be a reaction after we consider the situation carefully”, The Mayor Valery Desyatov told Life.

Soon after the video hit social networks, Anastasia deleted it from her Instagram account.

Video: the booty burners



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