Video: drunken Muscovite wounded five times in neck 

Video: drunken Muscovite wounded five times in neck

The incident occurred ten days ago, the criminals were not found.

A video of three men’s conflict hits the Web, a 35-year-old Muscovite in camouflage received five stabs in the neck with a knife. His friends noticed the attacker have a knife but did not dare to prevent him from using weapons. The wounded is placed in intensive care, the criminals are wanted, according to

The incident occurred on July 13 near Bogdanova Street, Moscow. One of the opponents knocked down the drunken man in camouflage on the bench, the second approached him and stabbed several times. Friends of the wounded man filmed the incident on video and called an ambulance.

The police initiated a criminal case on the Intentional Infliction of Grievous Bodily Harm from hooliganism motives (part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).



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