Video: deputy principal attacks student 

Video: deputy principal attacks student
Screenshot of the conflict

According to eyewitnesses, the teacher lost her temper because the girl was drawing in class.

The deputy principal of the school No. 93 in the city of Tolyatti attacked the fifth-grade student, who was sitting at the first school desk, right in front of a teacher during a biology lesson. According to the girl’s classmates, she drew at a lesson and the vice-principal did not like it, REN TV reports.

“Are you out of your mind?” the girl shouted when the deputy principal slapped her several times.

“Yes, I am, and you are not. Therefore, I want you to behave like a girl student,” said the head teacher.

It was not the first time the teacher behaved so aggressively; schoolchildren told the TV channel on condition of anonymity. The deputy principal allegedly once broke the student's nose throwing a textbook for an unlearned lesson.



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