Video: conflict between deputy Milonov and impound lot personnel 

Video: conflict between deputy Milonov and impound lot personnel
Vitaly Milonov

The people’s deputy called the impound lot personnel lowlifes and gays.

After interviewing employees of the impound lot, where State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov was allegedly beaten, a number of media sources found out the following version of the events. The organization employees claim they did not go near the deputy, and the accusations are intimidation and lies.

According to them, Milonov came to the impound lot with his friend Nikolay Yashkin, whose car had been evacuated from the sidewalk on Leninsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. The men came to claim it, but they did not have any ID. Milonov began to shout that he was a well-known public person and that they could just give him the car. Following the instructions, the staff refused. After that, the deputy had an outburst of anger: he was shouting at the employees, telling them they were gay and representatives of the LGBT party. His friend Yashkin said: “If we don't get the car now, Vitaly will call the police and say he has been beaten.”

In turn, REN TV uploaded an extract from a video. In it, the situation does not look as provocative. Milonov and his friend demand that they be presented pictures of the car from four sides, repeating it many times.

At first, an employee of the impound lot invites them to contact the company's office, but then he suddenly pulls out a black and white picture with the car from their hands.

After that, Milonov begins shouting: “What are you doing? Give the document back, you lowlife!”  Due to the fact that only a short segment of the video is published, the situation seems out of context.

Video: “Give the document back, you lowlife!”



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