Video confirming that Yakut Head had boarding passes appears  

Video confirming that Yakut Head had boarding passes appears
Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov

Earlier, the Head of Yakutia, Egor Borisov, stated that the airport employees had forgotten to give them boarding passes, which eventually led to a row with Aeroflot staff.

Channel One showed a video from Sheremetyevo Airport during the boarding of passengers on a plane from Moscow to Yakutsk on February 16, which, according to the TV channel, features Evgeny Shigapov, assistant to the Head of Yakutia, handing over boarding passes to an airport employee.

The video shows how the man passes three pieces of paper, the woman scans them, thus marking the appearance of the passenger on the flight. Then the video ends, from which it remains unknown whether she gives the documents back.

This was followed by a conflict with the participation of Shigapov, Borisov, his wife and the flight attendant, which the parties differently interpret.

As Borisov asserted later, the reason for the scandal was the fact that after registration, the airport employees forgot to give the boarding passes to him and his spouse. "Later they were brought with apologies, but this time was sufficient for the flight attendant to create tension and withdraw my assistant from the flight without any justification," the Head of Yakutsk informs.

According to the inference of Aeroflot, Borisov and his companions came last to board with a large number of Duty Free packages and carry-on luggage, refused to show their boarding passes, insulted flight attendants, after which Shigapov attempted to enter the cockpit without permission. Down the line, under the decision of the commander of the crew, the assistant Head of Yakutia was removed from the flight and handed over to the police.

The stewardess's comment released the day before on the TV channel says that after a verbal squabble the passengers finally showed their boarding passes, but she reported the violation to the commander of the craft, after which Shigapov entered the cockpit of the pilots, thus committing the second violation.

As the airline noted, the issue of making Shigapov accountable under Art. 11.17 of the Code of Administrative Violations (Violation of the Rules of the Passenger's Behavior in Air Transport) is currently being examined.

In the evening on February 16 Moscow saw an incident on board of the Aeroflot plane, which carried out a flight from Moscow to Yakutsk, which led to the assistant Head of Yakutia being removed from the flight. Soon a document appeared in the Internet, supposedly written by the management of Aeroflot. The document contains accusations against the very Head of Yakutia, who, according to what is written, threatened to "dismiss everyone" through calls to the Minister of Transport and the presidential administration. This is followed by description of the strange behavior of Borisov's assistant Evgeny Shigapov, who was put off the flight for inappropriate behavior in the form of foul language and an aggressive attempt to enter the cockpit of the pilots of the aircraft.



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