Video: brawl at Alfa Strakhovanie corporate party in Moscow 

Video: brawl at Alfa Strakhovanie corporate party in Moscow

The corporate party for Alfa Strakhovanie employees in a famous Moscow club ended up in a brawl, as a result of which two people were injured.

REN TV has published the video of Alfa Strakhovanie’s corporate party, which was held in the Moscow club Glavklub on Ordzhonikidze Street on Friday evening. It was previously reported that the party for employees of the large insurance company ended in a fight and serious consequences for two people.

The video shows the party attendants chatting in one of the club’s halls. Then they go to another room, where a man begins harassing a woman, which results in a quarrel. The woman tries to leave, but the man catches her and pushes her to the floor.

It is also known that he previously picked on other guests of the event. Eventually, those present decide to calm the brawler, as a result of which a fight begins. 

There are two injured persons – a woman and a man. According to preliminary data, one of the victims, 29-year-old girl, works as a marketer for the company. She has been diagnosed with a concussion.

During the fight, the girl was pushed, as a result of which she fell and hit her head really hard. A 30-year-old man hospitalized with her was diagnosed with multiple injuries. It is also known that during the scuffle, his face was smashed. It is possible that he was the brawler who provoked the fight.

Video: REN TV published a video of the fight at a corporate party of a large insurance company in Moscow

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