Victims of Tver massacre identified

Victims of Tver massacre identified
Car of Investigative Committee outside the house in the gardeners' partnership '50 let Oktyabrya' in Redkino village, where mass murder took place Photo: Aleksandr Sayganov/TASS

The law enforcers have identified all those killed in the Redkino village, Tver region. A man shot nine people as a result of a domestic conflict.⁠

The law enforcement bodies have learned the identities of all people who died on Sunday night on the territory of the gardeners' partnership '50 let Oktyabrya' in Redkino, Konakovsky district, Tver region. This is reported by TASS citing Head of the regional MIA administration’s press service Vadim Levshin.

“All victims have been identified; they include an elderly woman in her nineties,” Levshin clarified.

Earlier, Chairwoman of the gardeners' partnership '50 let Oktyabrya' Marina Lobanova told RIA Novosti that there is an elderly woman among those murdered in Redkino. “I know that victims include a 92-year-old grandmother of the cottage owner Solovyev, as well as Solovyev himself. Also, their friends, the Smirnovs,” Lobanova told.

According to Kommersant, the pretext for the massacre was a conflict during a feast, which was attended by 11 people. A verbal argument ensued between the drinking buddies; allegedly, one of the participants – 45-year-old Moscow resident – was reproached for not being a ‘real man’ for not having done military service. The man took offense and went home. His name has yet to be disclosed. Kommersant notes that he had a hunting license and a registered 12-caliber rifle Saiga, which was “customized to shoot with hunting cartridges of a Kalashnikov assault rifle.”

Returning to the house where the feast was held, the drunken man shot and killed both the owners of the house and witnesses. Only a 21-year-old girl, who dialed the police, managed to survive. She later testified.

The police detained the offender; he offered no resistance as he was drunk. Initially, the operational and investigative unit had found eight dead bodies at the scene; later, a female corpse was found in the trunk of one of the cars parked nearby, where the criminal hid it. “The suspect tried to force the woman dig her own grave, but she refused; after that, he killed her and hid the corpse in the trunk,” Levshin reported.

On the instructions from Head of the Investigative Committee Aleksandr Bastrykin, the investigation of the case was entrusted to the ICR Main Investigative Directorate. A criminal case under item а part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder of one or more persons) was initiated.

The Rosgvardia noted that the man violated the rules of storage of weapons, and then announced their intention to tighten the check of weapon owners, who leave the city in summer.



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