Victims of Shaltay-Boltay: more than 30 dignitaries and officials

Victims of Shaltay-Boltay: more than 30 dignitaries and officials
Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis)

Within the investigation of the most scandalous case in the field of computer security in modern Russia there were arrested six suspects, another 10 people are still on the hook of the FSB.

Upon the case of high treason, related to the disclosure of sensitive data by the participants of the hacker group Shaltay-Boltay (Humpty Dumpty), six people were arrested.

Among them there are head of computer incidents investigation department in Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov, the founder of the site Shaltay-Boltay, journalist Vladimir Anikeev, Deputy Head of the FSB Information Security Center (ISC) Sergey Mikhailov and his immediate subordinate Dmitry Dokuchaev, known in the hacker environment under the pseudonym Forb. On the hook there are still at least another 10 people - from intermediaries to senior officials. It is known as the Anonymous International (Shaltay-Boltay) members are declared internationally wanted by the Investigation Department of the Federal Security Service.

According to the news agency Rosbalt, a number of suspects are outside Russia. In particular, they fled to the Baltic States and Thailand. Wanted are suspected under Article 272 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Access to Computer Information).

The victims in the case, which promises to be the most resonant in the field of computer security in the history of modern Russia, at least 30 well-known Russian public figures were swallowed up. Shaltay-Boltay, in particular, is suspected of disseminating information from the mail of Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov; the Ukrainian hacker group Kiberhunta took charge of hacking his mail. It is known that the members of the Anonymous International published the correspondence of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Kremlin Chef Evgeny Prigogin; they hacked Twitter account of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and auctioned the correspondence with his press secretary Natalia Timakova and Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov.

According to the newspaper Life, in addition to those officials, on the testimony of whom the FSB conducts the investigation, there is an unknown number of civil servants, who chose to pay the required amount to avoid publicity.

Recall that on January 28 it became known about the last-year-detention of creator of the site Shaltay-Boltay Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), whom FSB operatives lured from Kiev, where he lived in recent years. Anikeev gave testimony, under which Deputy Head of the FSB ISC Sergey Mikhailov and his colleague Dmitry Dokuchaev were detained. According to Rosbalt, Mikhailov oversaw Shaltay-Boltay, on which he was able to come out at the beginning of 2016. The FSB senior officer supplied hackers information, for which connected groups demanded a ransom from the government dignitaries or officials, and, in case of refusal, sold it for bitcoins through Ukraine and published on the public domain.



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