Valuev comments on scandals regarding Tsepovyaz and Kokorin

Valuev comments on scandals regarding Tsepovyaz and Kokorin
Nikolay Valuev

The athlete felt sorry for the players and called the murderer vain.

State Duma deputy and former world heavyweight boxing champion Nikolay Valuyev shared his opinion about the scandal regarding the photos of Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz with crabs and caviar in the colony, as well as the criminal case against football players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev. The former boxer considered the athletes and corrupt employees of IK-3 in the Amur Region stupid.

“To be honest, I feel a little sorry for Kokorin and Mamayev. Look at Tsepovyaz, the murderer of children, eats delicacies in the colony and makes photos...” an Internet user wrote on the Interskola website, where Valuev regularly answers questions.

“Did the corrupt colony officers really think that Tsepovyaz, who never gave a damn if anyone, would feel sorry for them, “incorruptible” people, forget about his vanity, and not take photos on an illegal mobile phone. Regarding pity, I understand you, I feel sorry that these talented guys (Kokorin with Mamayev – Ed.) sometimes mindlessly dispose of their lives, I’m sorry for the victims.”

Kokorin and Mamayev are awaiting trial in the Butyrka pre-trial detention facility. They are accused of assaulting Trade Ministry employee Denis Pak, CEO of the FSUE NAMI Sergey Gaysin and driver Vitaly Solovchuk. Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz was a member of Tsapok’s gang, the court sentenced him to 20 years in prison for the massacre in the village of Kushchevskaya. Among the victims, there were children, including a one-year-old baby. In November 2018, the Prosecutor General’s Office found out that in prison Tsepovyaz ate delicacies for 60 thousand rubles a month ($ 1000), used a personal mobile phone and freely moved around the colony’s territory even in prohibited places.



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