US to scrutinize CNN after Russian spy report

US to scrutinize CNN after Russian spy report

Doug Collins, a member of the House of Representatives, said he could not tell whose side the television station is on and it is a serious issue.

Rep. Doug Collins, proposed an investigation into CNN after its material on a CIA informant. He said that in an interview with Fox News, RBC reports.

“With the CIA coming out like it has then I think this will be something we need to look at,” Collins said. He added that he questions on whose side the television channel is and called it a problem. “I think it needs to be investigated.,” the Republican said.

Earlier, the American television channel CNN reported that in 2017, the most valuable informant of the American special services in the power structures of the Russian Federation was urgently evacuated from Russia. The informant’s name was not disclosed, however, the Russian media said that it could be someone named Oleg Smolenkov, an employee of the presidential administration. In 2017, he and his family went on vacation to Montenegro and vanished.

After the CNN material, reporters found Smolenkov’s home and the agent’s family had to flee.

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