US-jailed pilot Yaroshenko to meet with his family soon

US-jailed pilot Yaroshenko to meet with his family soon
Konstantin Yaroshenko

This will be their first meeting in 7 years.

The family of Russian Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is doing time in an American prison for drug trafficking, will visit the convict for the first time in seven years. The meeting became feasible after a transfer from Fort Dix correctional institution, New Jersey, where visits are prohibited out of high security.

According to Yaroshenko’s wife Viktoria, her husband was transferred to the FCI Danbury, Connecticut, last Friday. Now his wife and daughter are preparing for a trip to the US and are already waiting for a visa.

Earlier, lawyer of the convict Alexey Tarasov reported that Yaroshenko was kept in the isolation ward for a long time, despite serious health problems.

Yaroshenko was detained in Liberia by US secret services in 2010 and accused of conspiring with drug smugglers. The charges were based on the testimony of the American intelligence agency. After that, Yaroshenko was jailed for 20 years’ imprisonment. The Russian authorities made several attempts to extradite the pilot, but the United States rejected claims.

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