US Congress to adopt new sanctions on Russia

US Congress to adopt new sanctions on Russia

A group of US senators introduced a bill on new restrictive measures against Russia.

A bill with new sanctions on Russia was introduced by a group of US senators on Tuesday, Senator Ben Cardin said at a Washington press conference.

Before a bill becomes a law, it must be passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President.

“We are filling a comprehensive bill that provides additional sanctions against the Russian Federation for its activities against U.S. interests. We have been attacked by Russia. That is no longer subject to any debate,” said Cardin.

The senator said the sanctions would touch those, whom the Senate considers responsible for the cyber attacks against the United States, Ukraine and Crimea, as well as human rights and corruption.

He added that the senators were introducing additional sanctions on certain individuals who are responsible for the cyber attacks against the US. The sanctions are meant to ban them from exporting, using the US banking system and the public procurement system in America, said Cardin. The new bill also comes after Russia’s "actions in Ukraine and Georgia" and Crimea annexation, according to the senator.

Cardin added that the sanctions would affect the energy sector and the sphere of sovereign debt. “They will be applied in the energy sector, and are aimed at those who were involved in the privatization of Russian assets,” he said.

He continued saying the sanctions would be targeted at corruption and the use of false news as a weapon as well as human rights violations. They will include denial of visas and access to the banking system to those whom the country deems responsible. According to the bill, the Congress will be able to decide which individuals should be on the lists.

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