US citizen raped in St. Petersburg

US citizen raped in St. Petersburg

The man realized that he was abused, waking up in the morning with disagreeable sensations.

On August 13, a 30-year-old US citizen turned to the embassy of his country; the man stated that he was raped in St. Petersburg. REN-TV reports this. The man said that on the night of August 11 he visited a nightclub, where he met young people.

The foreigner does not remember the name of his acquaintances but noted that they were younger than him. The man rode with young people along the night city. He does not remember what happened next.

A US citizen woke up in a strange apartment in the Peterhof area with unpleasant sensations in his body, according to which he realized that he had been raped. He found a guy who tried to touch him lying next to him. The half-naked foreigner escaped from the apartment. Soon he discovered that he lost watches and two thousand rubles.

The examination is ongoing.

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