Urals village locals took detainee away from police officer 

Urals village locals took detainee away from police officer
Photo: A still from the video

A crowd almost put up a mass fight.

A video was posted on the Internet in which residents of the village of Chernoskutova near Kamensk-Uralsky lash out at a police officer all at once and took away a detainee suspected of hijacking from him.

The footage shows an employee of the Ministry of Interior in civilian clothes named Eliseyev detaining a guy for stealing a motorcycle. The police officer twisted the suspect, handcuffed him and sat on top of him. The latter circumstance especially angered the relatives of the guy that began to take away the hijacker.

“I warned him on the record that I would use physical force if he began to resist. He resisted, so I used force,” explains the policeman to a furious mob.

In response, local residents require to show the documents, since the Interior Ministry officer is not even in uniform. It becomes clear from the conversations that it was not the first time the hijacker was taken to the police.

“The incident occurred yesterday, March 21. The inspection materials have been submitted to the Investigative Committee,” Diana Gimadutdinova, press secretary of the MIA for Kamensk-Uralsky, commented to Ura.ru.



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