Ural: son of Ural Bank's vice-president dies in ATVs accident

Ural: son of Ural Bank's vice-president dies in ATVs accident
Sergey Ovchinnikov Photo: E1.ru

Aleksey Ovchinnikov's son drove one of the ATVs.

Aleksey Ovchinnikov's son died in an ATV accident near the Verkhnyaya Sysert village (the Sverdlovsk region) yesterday, E1.ru quoted the victim's acquaintance as saying.

Aleksey Ovchinnikov's son reportedly drove one of the ATVs. Wheels of two ATVs collided, the victim's acquaintance said.

The accident occurred at about 3 AM on June 16. The accident occurred in an elite cottage area. There is a recreational facility there, too. Four people died. They were Ural Federal University graduates celebrating their graduation. One of the women who got into the accident was not a graduate, the victim's acquaintance said. She knew some of their friends and went along to ride ATVs.

One of the women survived. She was hospitalized with a concussion and bruises. She is in stable condition. She survived thanks to being the third passenger on one of the ATVs and not holding onto anyone. She flew into bushes when the accident occurred.

The media that reported that one of the victims is Elizaveta, the daughter of Maksim Shchibrik, Vice-President for Finances of the Russian Copper Company. Shchibrik owns both ATVs.



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