Ural pensioner fined for unauthorized repair of road

Ural pensioner fined for unauthorized repair of road

The primer in the village which the cars hardly passed was washed away.

The Traffic Police imposed a fine of five thousand rubles ($ 70) on pensioner Vasily Yarkov, 70, from the village of Prudor in the Kudymkarsky District, the Perm Region, who used an improvised means to clean up the primer road blurred after the winter. Yarkov’s neighbor complained about him, and the police drew up a protocol on administrative violation over damaging the road, regional newspaper Parma-Novosti reports.

Even cars could hardly move on the road in Prudor. Yarkov bought logs sawn along and laid them properly. He used this road to travel to another village every day for injections and was tired of waiting for action from the authorities. However, for the initiative, he had to be held accountable before the court, which considered the decision of the Traffic Police justified. The pensioner was obliged to pay a fine and remove the logs. 

Such cases have already occurred in Russia. In May 2019, a resident of the Khabarovsk Region covered the pits on the road with potatoes, for which he was fined 25,000 rubles ($ 400). In 2017, in the Chelyabinsk Region, huntsman of the State Forest Control Agency, Ikhtiandr Sharipov, “reconstructed the road without properly executed documents.” For unauthorized repairs of the primer to the Koklan hunting base, Sharipov had to pay a fine of 2,5 million rubles ($ 38,000). In the fall of 2016, residents of Astrakhan were fined 25,000 rubles – they found a contractor and paid for the repair of the road between the entrances of their houses at their own expense.



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