UR party member and head of yacht club detained in car full of shot roe 

UR party member and head of yacht club detained in car full of shot roe
Vitaly Krasnoshtanov Photo: Novy Den’

Businessmen from Tyumen have shot six animals.

In the Kurgan region, the police have detained businessmen from Tyumen with six shot roe in the trunk of their car, Ura.ru reports citing Valery Kuzenkov, an expert of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the issues of hunting, ecology and nature conservation.

According to Kuzenkov, officers from the Shadrinsky police department detained four men in a car, which had four females and two males of the Siberian roe deer with gunshot wounds in its trunk, on the territory of the hunting grounds of the Uksyansky and Peschanokoledinsky hunting farms on February 20. Deer hunting has been closed from December 31, 2018. 

The passengers of the car were residents of Tyumen Vitaly Krasnoshtanov, Dmitry Ochirov, Vitaly Makovchuk, and another man, whose identity is not revealed. Novy Den’ refers to him as a “very famous person.” A Road Patrol Service crew stopped the car with poachers. During the pursuit, the poachers threw away their weapons and ammunition. A criminal case under Illegal Hunting (part 2 of Art. 258 of the Russian Criminal Code) has been initiated against Deputy Head of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department in the Stavropol region, Colonel Sergey Rubezhnoy.  


Novy Den’ reports that the poachers were stopped as part of a usual raid of the hunting farm’s gamekeeper together with the department of natural resources and environmental protection. 

According to the counterparty checking service Kontr.Fokus, Dmitry Ochirov is the director of Tyumentekhnostroy LLC and Akvamarin yacht club. Vitaly Krasnoshtanov is a member of the political council of United Russia (UR) of the Tyumen region, a member of the Public Chamber, the chairman of the advertising committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen region, the head of the public organization Mir Dobrykh Del, and the founder of the advertising agency Life+ LLC.


Vitaly Krasnoshtanov, a member of the UR political council (center), is a regular at United Russia events

According to Life+, the founder can be characterized “only in a positive light, as an active person.” The agency refused to comment on the incident, allegedly due to the lack of information.

Video: VIP-poachers from Tyumen caught in Kurgan



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