Ups and downs of main builder of Kresty-2 Empire 

Ups and downs of main builder of Kresty-2 Empire
Accusation of waste may become not the only one criminal case against the head of garage construction co-operative Victor Kudrin Photo: The CrimeRussia

Within March St. Petersburg the Federal Penitentiary Service was shaken at once by two grandiose scandals. One − with contract murder of the lieutenant colonel of FPS Nikolay Chernov and arrest of his chief colonel Sergey Moyseenko, the second is connected with multimillion swindle on building of Kresty-2. As a result investigative searches led to an office of the CEO of the chief contractor of construction company JSC GSK Victor Kudrin. However, the accusation of waste may become not the only one criminal case against him.

Unfinished construction, one-two!

Grandiose building of the up-to-date detention center has been going on for 10 years. And today the public asks a question: if such loud murder did not happen, would the facts of swindle and waste were suppressed? While those responsible would continued to rest on the doubtful laurels builders and curators of the largest penitentiary institution in Europe? Only lazy was not talking about what was happening on construction of this object all these years. Opinions on Victor Kudrin's arrest and his charge of assignment of 56 million rubles among experts of construction business were separated. One consider that the investigation threw the general contractor of the GCC company ‘under the bus’, while real embezzlers should be looked for among men in uniform. Others say that Kudrin was ‘cruising for a bruising’ for long time, and it is surprising how he was not seized by a hand earlier.


The CEO of JSC GSK Victor Kudrin was arrested on March 18, 2017. Previously law enforcement officers had come to search in office of "General construction corporation" and in an elite mansion of Kudrin in Yuccas. The head of corporation was detained and brought to the Investigative Committee. He is suspected of commission of crime under part 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Embezzlement or waste made in organized group on especially large scale). The investigation accuses him of embezzlement of 56 million rubles intended for building of the detention center Kresty-2.

The GCC company has wallowed in infinite arbitration courts with subcontractors long ago and has owed them, judging by claims, hundreds of millions rubles. Two years ago, in 2015, Victor Kudrin tried to leave an unfinished object and even refused further conducting construction in an official letter to FPS, allegedly because of the difficult scheme of financing of building because of which works hanged all the time. However, as the CrimeRussia’s sources report, he problem was not in financing at all, and in total routine of construction crews and open swindle with salaries. This is what former employees of GCC write about a manner of the CEO to make payment to workers: “At first they promise that the trial period will make only one month, actually it turns out that it lasts three months. Respectively, not that sum which made a reservation at employment is paid. Deception with a salary constant. The CEO has thought up system of salaries and bonus. And the person can even not know that for the fulfilled month he will receive only a salary. Besides, it is only 60% of the sum which made a reservation at employment. At dismissal inflate too. If reduce a position, then to the worker suggest to leave only at own will. About any staff reduction with compensation payment out of the question”.

Строительство "Крестов-2"

Former employees of JSC GCC say that it is a usual manner of Victor Kudrin to run the business. No matter, where it is possible to save and whom it will strike. “If it is possible to peel the worker for ruble, then the administration will peel on two”, they write on construction forums.

Road Empire

Victor Kudrin became the head of the large construction enterprise which main field of activity were a construction and reconstruction of roads. Blossoming of the GCC company fell on the middle and the end of the 90th when Victor Kudrin worked in Committee on improvement and road economy under the leadership of famous ‘business executive’ Alexander Evstrakhin who was Kudrin’s relative (the last married his niece).


Alexander Evstrakhin began work in administration of St. Petersburg in 1993 as the chief of the secretariat. Then he became the chairman of Committee on improvement and road economy. The ‘business executive’ left Committee on improvement, accompanied with financial scandal. The control Audit Chamber accused his committee of inappropriate use of means of Territorial road fund. According to law enforcement authorities, fund impressive volumes of the funds allocated for implementation of projects of the governor Yakovlev accustomed (for example, a paving of the St. Petersburg streets and construction of road outcomes and embankments). Then Evstrakhin became the deputy head of Office of the governor of St. Petersburg. Since 2000 he became the head of administration of Vasileostrovsky district, and in 2004 was appointed the CEO of Yubileyny Sports palace.

As a result of this ‘related tandem’ affairs of the company prospered. GCC became one of the leading firms in St. Petersburg on repair and a layer pad of tram ways on the current technologies. In 1998 Victor Kudrin was lucky to become Evstrakhin's deputy. Despite the well-known August default, GCC corporation was overloaded with expensive orders - one huge repair work of Liteyny Avenue, Sadovaya Street and construction of the Ushakovsky outcome cost a lot. Whether it is necessary to say that by then GCC became actually the monopolist of tram ways in St. Petersburg. The following ‘tasty’ project is a construction of Koltsevaya Highway.

Victor Kudrin appeared in due time and in the right place. In that far the 90th the city was engaged in construction, and Alexander Evstrakhin was the chairman of the board of directors of JSC Koltsevaya avtomobilnaya doroga Sankt-Peterburga. And then Victor Kudrin also received a position of the CEO of executive directorate through his patronage, and the company got a tidbit − access to budget money of the city.


Alexander Evstrakhin

After Alexander Evstrakhin located in Vasileostrovsky district, good luck continued to accompany GCC, however, not in former scales any more. So, the company had an opportunity to participate in construction of a new sports complex on Vasilyevsky Island and the new mall near the Vasileostrovskaya subway. And further, large city projects were launched.


GCC company constructed Igora ski resort, palace and park Strelna ensemble, participated in construction of the second stage of the State Maryinsky Theater, Western High-Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg.

For the first time clouds were condensed over Victor Kudrin in 2000 when the group of employees of prosecutor's office accompanied by Special Task Police Unit and Administration for Combatting Economic Crimes was in well-known Promstroibank. There they looked for traces of embezzlement of budget funds by Vyacheslav Strugov who was holding then a post of the vice-chairman of Committee on improvement and road economy, i.e. released Kudrin from a duty. However, then prosecutors and field investigators only came for the soul of ex-chairman Alexander Evstrakhin. They were interested in his accounts. Kudrin was saved by two facts: investigators had a specific goal − Vyacheslav Strugov, and he had no accounts in the specified bank.

Operation ‘Escape’

Considering how close CEO of GCC Victor Kudrin is with pro-power structures, his awareness on a difficult situation and in the FPS itself, and around the ‘building of a century’ entrusted to him, his desire to leave immediately abroad as soon as Sergey Moyseenko was arrested, was quite clear.

Careful and accurate Victor Kudrin began to understand two years ago that this construction will end with nothing good, and began to sell the assets. As media writes, his family stays in America for some time already and feels there quite well. Kudrin's arrest came out quite unexpected for him because at that moment he was going to depart without excess noise to Helsinki, and from there, probably, to go to a long-term foreign tour. Because after arrests and the subsequent statement of law enforcement agencies concerning checks of construction of Kresty-2 it was clear that the CEO of the chief contractor − the first in turn on a long conversation. Especially in case for completion of an object there is still not enough money.


Deputy for capital construction of Regional Admnistration of FPS Sergey Moyseenko

Other version of the incident − testimonies of the colonel Moyseenko. It is quite probable that the colonel, without wishing to be connected as the defendant to two criminal cases at once, decided to facilitate the fate and, quite possibly, shared certain details of the relationship with the head of GCC with investigators. However, as knowing people hint, Victor Kudrin now also sitting in the detention center of FSB, for certain will be able to remember still some names and surnames which, in turn, will be able to shed light on why building of Kresty-2 cost such fantastic sum − 12 billion rubles. Perhaps, these names and surnames will sound for the public very unexpectedly.



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