Update: video footage of ex-deputy Voronenkov’s murder

Update: video footage of ex-deputy Voronenkov’s murder
The time of Denis Voronenkov’s murder Photo: Video footage

The footage shows Voronenkov turning around just before he got shot.

The media published a CCTV video that had recorded the time of former deputy Denis Voronenkov’s murder. The footage shows Voronenkov and his bodyguard walking along the street towards the intersection. A hooded man is seen coming up behind them. The killer must have called Voronenkov’s name, as we can see him turning around, followed by an almost pointblank shot at the ex-deputy. Voronenkov is falling on the ground, the guard is pouncing on the shooter, getting under fire too. Then the killer is shooting Voronenkov again while he is lying on the ground and is disappearing behind the corner. The bodyguard is taking out his gun and shooting at the killer, while sitting on the sidewalk. The video did not catch the moment when the assassin is hit down by the bullets. After that, the bodyguard managed to get up; he approached Voronenkov, before falling on the sidewalk again.

We should remind that earlier it was reported that Voronenkov was shot while leaving Premier Palace Hotel. But then, law enforcement agencies of Ukraine reported that after CCTV analysis it became clear that the killer had been following Voronenkov's car on Daewoo Lanos and started shooting once the deputy pulled over and went out with the guard.

Today the name of the killer was revealed. 28-year-old Pavel Parshov was the shooter, according to sources.

Video: Denis Voronenkov's murder. Source: Dozhd TV

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