Update on tragic death of Russian newlyweds in Dominican Republic

Update on tragic death of Russian newlyweds in Dominican Republic
The victims

The brakes may have gone out, so the car crashed into a bump stop.

A friend has revealed details of the tragic death of a St. Petersburg couple, Dmitry and Alexandra, who had come to the Dominican Republic on a honeymoon trip. The woman said that their car had crashed into a bump stop.

That day, the man and the woman headed to the province of Puerto Plata to see the republic’s largest statue of Christ, REN TV reports with reference to Tatiana, a friend of the victims residing in the Dominican Republic. They took a steep mountain serpentine on their way back. “They either lost control of the car or something was wrong with the brakes. So, they drove into an iron bump,” the woman said.

According to the couple’s friend, Alexandra died on the spot, while Dmitri was urgently taken to the hospital where he died from multiple injuries.

"They were good people, loved the sport. Hardly ever drank. Dima was a tattoo artist, he loved to draw things. He played football. They met when Sasha came to have her first tattoo done. Got married in July," Tatiana said.

She added that she had to be the one to get in touch with the families of the deceased after the police had conducted the identification procedure. The victims did not have insurance, she said. According to the consul, the transportation of one body will cost about 8 thousand dollars. Alexandra’s father will come to the country soon.



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