Unnatural causes: technical expert on new version of journalist Dorenko's death 

Unnatural causes: technical expert on new version of journalist Dorenko's death
Sergey Dorenko

An independent technician studied all the videos with Dorenko’s crash on a motorcycle and the events a few minutes before the accident and pointed to a strange stream of gas.

Independent technical expert Yury Antipov conducted his independent investigation into the death of the famous and extravagant journalist Sergey Dorenko. Recall that, according to the official version, due to a cardiac arrest, Dorenko fell on May 9 from his motorcycle and died suddenly. The official cause of death is aortic rupture. The daughter of the journalist refused to believe in such a reason for the death of her father.

Antipov reasoned as follows, rupture of the aorta – the main bloodstream – can occur for various reasons. Among such causes is a blow to the chest or abdomen. Given that Dorenko fell just on the left side of the body, the version that there was a heart failure does not seem to be unambiguous.

It is known that video cameras recorded not only the fall of a journalist, but also everything that preceded this. The expert made a request for a better copy of the video, as did the relatives – the daughter of Dorenko and her mother. After a very long wait, they were refused. The expert had to disassemble the chronology from open sources in milliseconds.

Firstly, it is striking that the media use very poor quality video. The expert says the impression is that the frames were intentionally blurred. He reminds the inhabitants that when issuing fines – photos and videos from road cameras come in good quality.

Nevertheless, Antipov considered that there were unusually large gaps between the motorcyclist moving along the Garden Ring, the car and other cars traveling behind them. And the car, which moved near and slightly in front with Dorenko, in no way reacted to the departure of the motorcycle behind her to the left and his departure into the oncoming lane, and subsequently the fall. Just having gone far towards the Tagansky tunnel, this car slowed down a bit.

The expert points out that the road surface at the time of the accident was without puddles, only a little wet.

A dark suspicious car was moving along the second lane, and Dorenko was driving along the first lane a little behind, so they drove into the overpass. The car went in a straight line, the track of the front wheels coincided with the track of the rear wheels. But, having driven a few more meters ahead, breaking away from Dorenko – the picture near the wheel arches changes. As before, one can see the light rim of the front right wheel with a dark rim of rubber. But with the back arch metamorphoses occurred. A cloud appears here. And it even began to block the shadow from the car on the road from the rear wheel arch, covering it with dispersing smoke.

The expert says that on the next camera it is clearly visible that this is not just a cloud, but a stream of some gas that is etched from the wheel arch at right angle to the first lane, where Dorenko rides on a motorcycle a bit at a distance. The journalist inhales everything that could come out of the wheel arch.

The gas concentration is so high that not only the shadow of the car on the road is lost, but the road pole becomes fuzzy in the video.

The expert pointed out that he was not able to determine the composition of the gas from the video and could not say that it was a nerve agent or other poisonous mixture.

At the end of his research, the author concluded that he had no motive to engage in conspiracy theories, but, clearly, there are white spots in the story of the death of Sergey Dorenko.

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