University divided after police detained Ingush students

University divided after police detained Ingush students
Doors have the names of home republics on them Photo: Social Media

Some students say the security forces did the right thing, while others claim it was a violation of human rights.

Social media are talking about the mass detention of Caucasian students at the Russian State Geological Prospecting University, which took place on December 17 in Moscow.

Some users, also students at the university, believe that the police did the right thing, while others point out that human rights were grossly violated during the arrests.

The debates started in the groups titled MGRI-RGGRU and Overheard in Sergo Ordzhonikidze’s MGRI-RGGRU. A user named Irakli Ugulava said, “two or three people started some shit, and they take 400”. Sallam Zevarshoev supports him saying, “On what basis did FSB cops detain innocent people? What about human rights?”

Darya Mayskaya says ironically in response, "Did you actually think that the riot police would knock on the door and politely ask you to go out?" Igor Ivanov seems surprised and says, “Most of all, I was shocked by the cop that didn’t just leak the photos but also made up 400 (Four Hundred!!!) Ingush, who ‘imposed their rules’ there. Making it up as he went along, was he?"

As The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on December 17, security forces officers searched university dorm rooms of students from Ingushetia. Guns, service IDs, flags and emblems were found there. According to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Ingushetia, 40 people were detained. On Tuesday morning, it was reported that all the detainees had been released.



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