United Russia suspends membership of its deputy who slapped kid

United Russia suspends membership of its deputy who slapped kid
Andrey Odintsov

United Russia stated the deputy’s behaviors went against “principles of education.”

United Russia suspended the membership of Puskino district (Moscow region) deputy Andrey Odintsov for slapping a kid, United Russia Press Service quoted General Council Andrey Turchak as saying.

“It is unacceptable for an adult to act in such a manner, especially for those representing authorities,” Turchak said, emphasizing it is unacceptable to beat kids no matter the situation.

“Odintsov’s behavior went against principles of education. This is not the kind of language one ought to be using when addressing the youth,” Turchak added.

Yesterday, Moscow region ombudswoman for child policy Kseniya Mishonova said Odintsov should be dismissed. “I am outraged by what this deputy did. His actions are immoral. A person with sound psyche would understand it is not acceptable to beat kids, especially if they are not yours,” Podmoskovie Segodnya quoted her as saying.

Acting Pushkino District Administration Head Koba Paikidze said the investigation continues. The victim’s parents are preparing to sue. Paikidze said Odintsov abstained from comments.

Paikidze said Odintsov’s membership would be suspended until the investigation is complete and the police publish the official results.

Odintsov was inspecting a Eldigino village stadium and making sure the contractors comply with the requirements on May 17. He reproved two children sitting on a bench who were allowed to skip a PE lesson for being noisy. They told him they were not interfering with his work. Odintsov then approached the kids, and one of them asked whether he was going to hit him, saying it is illegal. That is when he got slapped.

Podmoskovie Segodnya published a video of the incident.



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