United Russia party primaries winner turned bank of Ob river into private beach 

United Russia party primaries winner turned bank of Ob river into private beach
Ivan Sidorenko and Andrey Kalichenko are known in Novosibirsk not only as the Deputies, but also as managers of the largest construction company

Despite all the anti-corruption measures and amendments, the “servants of the people” are in no hurry to be frank and specify all their possessions in the income declarations. However, the United Russia Deputies in Novosibirsk Andrei Sidorenko and Ivan Kalichenko turned out to be not only the owners of the undeclared land area of nearly 18 thousand square meters, but also the invaders of the bank of the Ob River. Now, the fact-checking of the misuse of land is being conducted.

On the eve of elections to the State Duma the corruption fighters FBK (Anti-corruption Foundation) found out that the Novosibirsk Deputies Andrei Kalichenko, winner of the United Russia party primaries, and Ivan Sidorenko had not declared the land of almost 18 000 square meters. According to FBK, the Deputies built 8 houses on the bank of the Ob River area to be used for the cultural and recreational complex. According to the documents (extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions are attached to the publication), the houses belong to the City Council Deputy Andrey Kalichenko, members of his family, the Novosibirsk Region Legislative Assembly Deputy Ivan Sidorenko, and to the large construction company Energomontazh, where Sidorenko is the CEO. For the same company the winner of the United Russia primaries Kalichenko works, he is Deputy CEO there.

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In addition, the investigation revealed that along with a huge land the Deputies decided to use a bank of the Ob River and built the wall to protect their land, thereby blocking access to the river for the Siberians. The Fund believes that the parliamentarians have grossly violated the federal law: according to the law, the banks of the river cannot be someone’s property, and passage along the bank should be open for all (Part 6 and 8, Article 6 of the Water Code of the Russian Federation.).

The FBK experts appealed to the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage in the Siberian Federal District, and received confirmation that the bank of the Ob River is surrounded by a concrete fence, which means it is used as a private beach.

Now, for illegally built wall barrier enclosing the shore the fellow United Russians face a fine under the Article 8.12.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation in amount of 3000-5000 rubles, for legal entities it will be a fine of up to 300,000 rubles. As reported in the published investigation, an inspection on the fact of misuse of the land has already begun.


In addition, the Fund's lawyers applied for the termination of powers of the Novosibirsk Region Deputies of the Legislative Assembly and of the City Council Andrei Kalichenko on the fact of non-declaration of property. Neither Kalichenko’s declaration, nor Sidorenko’s one have any information about the land area of 17957 square meters in them. The Kalichenko’s income declaration includes five flats, a residential housing of the 584 square meters, two facilities and a shop. Sidorenko officially owns only a plot of land of 728 square meters and an apartment of about 40 square meters.

According to the anti-corruption law, the information hiding is the reason for the deprivation of the Deputy's mandate.

Crime Russia will monitor the development of this situation.



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