United Russia deputy attacks Saratov resident

United Russia deputy attacks Saratov resident
Svetlana Glukhova

Svetlana Glukhova and the other woman had a conflict over a dog.

A resident of Saratov has complained about the attack of regional Duma deputy from the United Russia party, Svetlana Glukhova, on her and her six-year-old niece. According to Svobodnye Novosti, it all started with a conflict over dogs.

Two years ago, Glukhova's family settled next to the deputy in the suburban settlement Mostovik in the Pristannoe village. Glukhova’s fight dog often run out into the street, because the latter would purposefully avoid locking the gate. At the same time, the dog did not have a collar and a muzzle. 

The deputy’s neighbor tried to discuss this issue several times, but the former advised her not to walk past her house. 

On June 22, the woman walked past the MP’s allotment with her six-year-old niece and a spitz dog. The fight dog ran out in front of them and attacked the spitz.

The Saratov resident picked up her pet to protect it from the deputy's dog. However, the fight dog bit the six-year-old girl by her hand. Instead of calling her dog off, Glukhova began shouting at the woman and telling her she should not walk there. 

“Her daughter run out and grabbed me by the hair. Her husband, who weighs 120 kg, came out and hit me on the head with his fist,” the deputy’s neighbor said.

The police shortly arrived on the scene. Both the deputy and her neighbor filed complaints against each other. In hospital, the six-year-old girl was diagnosed with injuries, and her aunt with a concussion. 

Secretary of the regional branch of United Russia, Nikolay Pankov, wrote in his Telegram channel that the party would conduct a check into the deputy.



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