Underground casinos empire case marked by murder 

Underground casinos empire case marked by murder
Organizer of underground casinos Ivan Nazarov

The investigation into a high-profile case about the cover-up of the gambling business, the timelines of which were repeatedly extended, led to an episode of the murder of an influential businessman.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation once again prolonged the investigation into the case of covering underground casinos by employees of the Moscow Regional Prosecutor's Office and the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region. As part of the investigation of the high-profile case, the investigators decided once again to study the circumstances of the murder of businessman Valery Kazakov, who had close ties with the leadership of the supervisory authority. 

Дмитрий Лесняков "Лес"

As The CrimeRussia has previously reported, Valery Kazakov, known among the local public as a fixer, was killed in 2008. According to the investigation, Kazakov demanded that the owners of Pushkin market, controlled by the crime group of Dmitry Lesnyakov (Les), included the indicated people in the founders. The management of the market did not like this idea, and they ordered Kazakov's homicide by gangsters. On August 1, 2008, the businessman was demonstratively killed right on the threshold of the Pushkin Prosecutor's Office. Killers of the group Andrey Vershinin and Alexey Evseev fired a few bullets at him, and then cut his throat. In the course of the investigation of this murder, law enforcement officers managed to find the group of professional killers of Les and subsequently put its leader and members behind bars.

As for the case of the empire of underground casinos, the investigators were interested in the fact that after the assassination of Kazakov, entrepreneur Ivan Nazarov (one of the main defendants in the case on covering casinos) became at the helm of the network of gambling establishments. In addition, since 2008 Nazarov began to act as an authorized person from certain representatives of law enforcement agencies. Investigators, only now paying attention to Kazakov's connection with the casino, are proactively interrogating friends and relatives of the businessman. It should be noted that among the close friends of the murdered businessman were employees of the Moscow regional and capital prosecutor's offices, including those figuring in the case on covering casinos.

Иван Назаров и зампрокурора Московской области Игнатенко

Ivan Nazarov and Deputy Prosecutor of the Moscow Region Ignatenko

Earlier, during two years the investigation extended the terms of the investigation providing only one wording - in connection with the need to track down and question Ruslan Tankiev - the driver of the former Ozersky city prosecutor Anatoly Drok (now the deputy prosecutor of the Vladimir region). The Investigative Committee suspected that Tankiev could receive money from the organizers of underground casinos, and then transfer it to his boss and other employees of the Moscow Regional Prosecutor's Office. The source of Rosbalt assures that the motive for delaying the investigation of the case was clearly far-fetched. The interlocutor of the agency said that Tankiev himself repeatedly appeared in the FSB department in Kolomna district of the Moscow region, where he wrote explanatory notes. He pointed out that he was not hiding from anyone and was ready to appear for interrogation at the first request of the investigator. However the Investigative Committee did not notice this deliberately. In January 2017 Tankiev came to the investigator on his own initiative and was finally questioned.

Анатолий Дрок

Anatoly Drok in court demanded to compensate the damage incurred for illegal criminal prosecution in the amount of 1 thousand rubles ($17.7)

As The CrimeRussia has written, the case of covering the network of underground casinos in 15 cities of the Moscow region was initiated as early as 2011. This investigation was initially successfully led by Denis Nikandrov, who subsequently received promotion, becoming deputy head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Russian Federation in Moscow. In this position he was arrested for bribe-taking from thief in law Shakro Molodoy. As for the high-profile case, which guaranteed serious prison terms for the employees of the prosecutor's office and the police, it is falling apart due to timeframes and its irrelevance. Former siloviki defendants case continue to advance along the career ladder, and businessmen defendants were released from arrest. In addition, former suspects secured compensation for illegal criminal prosecution. And the organizer of underground casinos Ivan Nazarov called himself "a victim of the political struggle of two respected law enforcement agencies, designed to protect the law and the rule of law".



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