Under case of teen deaths and torture in Department of Interior Ministry in Ulan-Ude arrested sixth policeman

Under case of teen deaths and torture in Department of Interior Ministry in Ulan-Ude arrested sixth policeman
Nikita Kobelev

His colleague, who is the defendant on this case too, gave testimony against him.

The court arrested the sixth police officer, who was involved in the scandalous arrest of two teenagers in Ulan-Ude in June 2016. As a result of detention one of the teens - Nikita Kobelev - died under mysterious circumstances, and the other young man - Dmitry Tutynin - was tortured. Sixth suspect turned out to be a senior officer Tumen Manibadraev, reported Arigus TV. He detained young people in the neighborhood Arshan in Ulan-Ude as a part of the operational group.

According to investigators, Manibadraev involved in the torture of Tutynin. In particular, he put on a gas mask and beat the detainee. The law enforcement officer denied any involvement in the beating of a teenager. Manibadraev claimed that he was only the driver that delivered the detained teenager and operatives in the police department in this story of the detention.

Interestingly, Tutynin could not identify the policeman in the court. Earlier, the teenager, accusing law enforcement officers in the torture, suddenly recanted. Tutynin said that allegedly incriminated police officers. The sixth suspect was ratted by his colleagues, who are now also under arrest.

Note that five of the operatives, held in the case of Nikita Kobelev, were arrested in late June. The police did not hurry to detain and arrest Tumen Manibadraev due to holidays, and after – bad medical state.

"There were taken measures to ensure him to appear for questioning. It was reported to his leadership, repeatedly made calls to him personally on a cellphone. However, he came to me for questioning only on Monday, September 19, "- said the investigator for particularly important cases of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vitaly Kuznetsov.

The senior officer Tumen Manibadraev was charged with abuse of official powers. The Court concluded him into custody.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, on June 8 the police detained two teenagers accused of stealing a bicycle. One of them, 17-year-old Nikita Kobelev died under mysterious circumstances. Another detainee, Dmitry Tutynin, was put in the second police car. According to him, he was brought to the basement, where he had been beaten for hours until he offered to confess on thefts and break-ins.

In the case of 17-year-old Nikita Kobelev there were arrested Sergey Plotnikov, a detective and the Head of the police Department for solving crimes against property, Andrey Pavlov from the Intelligence Tracking Unit of the city’s Criminal Investigation Department, Anatoly Oloktonov, the Head of the department for solving crimes against property for the Criminal Investigation Department of city police division number 1. On suspicion of beating and torturing Dmitry Tutynin there were detained a senior detective Valentin Smolin and a younger detective of the Intelligence Tracking Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department of the city police department Zhargal Zamyanov. At the moment Police officers are imputed Abuse of Official Powers.



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