Ulyanovsk tragedy. Teenager axe-murders his family to never part 

Ulyanovsk tragedy. Teenager axe-murders his family to never part
It will take specialists more than one month to understand the motives of the student’s actions Photo: The CrimeRussia

A monstrous and unexpected tragedy occurred in the village of Patrikeevo of the Ulyanovsk region. A 16-year-old teenager named Timerlan coldbloodedly slaughtered his entire family, including two 4-year-old twins. Then he committed suicide. Now teachers and experts are wondering what prompted a positive and kind teenager to become a monster overnight.

Murder plan

The lines of the police report have barren style. “The bodies of five dead, three adults and two children, were found in a private house.” All the dead have stab wounds. The 16-year-old Timerlan Kamaletdinov killed them at night when everyone was asleep. Then he committed suicide by jumping from a cell tower near his home. In a suicide note that the schoolboy left, he said that he decided to take his own life, and he killed his mother, grandparents and little brothers and sister, so as not to upset relatives with his death.

Before the murder, at 3 am, the teenager sent a friend a voice message. He said that he does not love his mother, brother and sister. And sees the only way out in their murder. At the same time, the teenager said that he loves grandparents, but does not want them to be upset by the death of beloved ones. So he decided to hack them too.


Timerlan Kamaletdinov and his mother Marina

The tragedy occurred on the night of August 17-18. As the investigation has already established, the young man planned the murder in advance. The teenager sent a friend a voice message at about three in the morning, in which he wrote how he would kill his relatives. Then he went and realized his monstrous plan. First he killed his mother, then grandfather, then grandmother and young children last. So that the elders were no longer alive and no one stood up for them. Now the investigative-operational team is trying to clarify the circumstances of the crime and the concurrent events.


Murder weapon

So far, the picture is not the most comforting. The teenager lived with his mother Marina Kamaletdinova and her parents. His father Ildar is a disabled person, lost one arm in an accident and suffers from alcohol dependence. He left the family when Timerlan went to school. His mother moved to live with her parents. They lived poorly, but in friendly terms on benefits and pensions. Marina did not manage to build a happy relationship with the next man named Andrey. She had to bring up two twins by herself, especially since Andrey refused to recognize them, believing that the woman had got pregnant from someone else.


House of Kamaletdinovs

The acquaintances of the family and villagers believe that the family lived quite amicably, and the children had everything necessary for a normal life. The terrible murder committed by the teenager is shocking, and his motives are unclear. Dysfunctional family pushed over the edge? But the operational footage shared by the TV channels show a normal home.

Video: Criminal case of Murder initiated in Ulyanovsk region

Hundred thousand why's

Immediately after the tragedy, all people who knew the boy asked one question – why? Timerlan studied well, he finished the last year at school with A grades only. He was considered the "golden head" and put up to defend the honor of the class at the competitions. The first version expressed in the press was that the boy was tortured with responsibility and he developed a pronounced excellent student syndrome.

However, later it became clear that here the matter lies in a completely different way. His mother Marina some time ago decided to become a popular blogger and began to write articles about her life on Yandex.Zen. From her words, it turned out that she had been plunged into her own experiences in recent years, she had suffered a past illness, and her son was left on his own. She did not expect any results, all the more brilliant. And so she wrote on her blog that her recipe for her son’s success was that she “just watched and did not interfere in the life of the child.” Although it was clear from her posts on the network that Timerlan was growing up a restless, constantly demanding attention child, showed signs of aggression. But supposedly by the age of 15 he straightened out and became a confident, independent young man. School friends and teachers also characterized the boy as a kind, sympathetic and very calm child.


Marina Lamaletdinova with children

There are a lot of different opinions about what prompted the guy to kill all relatives. From household to medical ones.

Hard feelings. The main version was expressed by a relative of the murdered family, Natalya Shirmanova. She believes that the teenager was mortally offended when they did not want to take him to his aunt's wedding. The mother decided to leave him with small children and not to take him to the party. The relative explained that because of this trip there was a real war between Timerlan and her mother at home. He felt useless.

Mother's alcoholism. Her indifference to her son and a bleak existence. Before Timerlan’s birth, Marina Kamaletdinova had problems with alcohol. Because of this, her marriage with Timerlan's father came to an end. According to rumors, the latter even beat her because of her frivolous lifestyle. Marina had conflicts over drinking with her own mother as well. She drank, changed men, and was treated in a drug treatment clinic. One of her partners killed himself in front of Timerlan.

Other children. Another reason could be constant family conflicts with children from a second man. The teenager was constantly forced to look after them, sit with them as a nanny, and sometimes with his little cousin as well. But here the opinions of eyewitness divide. His classmates say that he sat with the kids willingly and friends came to him and sat with them.

Game addiction. The father of the schoolboy Ildar believes that the teenager was addicted to computer games. “I gave him money, his grandmother secretly gave him money, and in front of me, too. According to his late mother, he spent everything on these ‘shooters’,” the man said. They rarely saw each other. The last time the meeting was in the spring.

Schizophrenia. Today, a number of psychiatrists who have studied the bloody death letter are leaning toward this conclusion. The boy could kill his relatives because of a mental disorder. Experts say that schizophrenia can be quite difficult to recognize, especially in adolescents, and anything could serve as a trigger for a sharp development of the disease.

"Woe from Wit." An unexpected version of the tragedy was expressed by psychologist Mikhail Khors. The excellent student, who had no problems at school, was once a participant in the Umniki I Umnitsy TV show. According to him, overloads on the brain and thoughts about their own exceptionalism could lead to a sharp development of the disease.

Yury Vyazemsky

TV presenter Yury Vyazemsky

However, this version was immediately debunked by the host of the TV show Umniki I Umnitsy Yury Vyazemsky. He said that the teenager who killed his family from the Ulyanovsk region did not participate in the TV show. According to Vyazemsky, a 16-year-old student was not in his program, but was present at the regional finale of Umniki I Umnitsy as a spectator. He did not go on the track, according to the rules of the show, he could answer the question instead of the contestant, but did not take his chance. “Naturally, I did not pay attention to him,” the presenter said.

A.U.E. A close friend of Timur said that the boy was fond of the informal subculture of AUE ('Prisoner’s law is unified'). The subculture unites adolescents who promote thieves and prison concepts and live by the thieves code. For example, back in the spring, Timur sent his friend a voice message, where he talked about the criminal situation in Ulyanovsk without choosing his words. The guy said that he "wanted a quiet life."

Sect. As the investigation established, in addition to drinking, Marina Kamaletdinova was fond of the pseudo-doctrine “Human Design.” A sectarian mixture of astrology, esotericism and mysticism was invented by a certain Robert Krackover in 1987. Marina tried to earn a living by giving paid advice on the Internet. She decrypted the “gene keys” to everyone who wished it. Based on her teachings, she believed that her son Timerlan was a "manifestor" (an energetic leader) – a person who not only does not obey anyone, but also has the right to do so for the purposes of his own "development." Relatives of the woman considered her passion pseudo-religion, and the grandmother even tried to deprive her of parental rights.

Final farewell

Only a posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination will make sense of it in this terrible, gloomy and confusing story from the village of Patrikeevo. “Expanded” suicide with the capture of relatives into the other world is one of the most multidimensional and complex crimes.


Experts will have to understand the motives of the student’s actions for more than one month. The funeral of the whole family took place in the village. The dead were buried in a rural cemetery in Yurlovka, Bazarnosyzgan district. The teenager suspected of murder was buried on August 20 separately from relatives in the Karsun region. His father lives there.



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