Ukrainian MIA reports gangland ties of Kadyrov's personal enemy blown up in Kiev 

Ukrainian MIA reports gangland ties of Kadyrov's personal enemy blown up in Kiev
At the scene of the explosion

Ukrainian law enforcers report that a native of Chechnya and a citizen of Georgia Timur Makhauri, whose vehicle exploded in Kiev on September 8, had previously survived three assassination attempts.

September 8, Chechen native and Georgian citizen Ali Timaev (also known as Timur Makhauri) died as a result of a car explosion in the center of Kiev. There was also a woman in the vehicle – she was seriously injured – and a child, who fortunately was not seriously hurt. The incident was caused by an explosive device.

UNIAN reports that the woman, who suffered from the explosion in Kiev, is a world-famous model who used to be the face of Dior. It is known that her name is Natalya; surname is not disclosed. According to the Ukrainian media, her leg was blown off by the explosion; the current condition of the victim is severe.

There is much more information about the deceased Chechen. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the late Ali Timaev aka Timur Makhauri born 04.04.1978 had participated in the armed conflict in Donbass on the side of Ukrainian troops as part of the Chechen volunteer battalion named after Sheikh Mansur.


The MIA of Ukraine reports that the deceased had close ties with the criminals and 'Chechen circles,' and had been prosecuted for illegal possession of weapons in Ukraine earlier this year.   


Detention of Makhauri in Kiev, January 2017

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, in the period from 1999 to 2000, Makhauri took part in hostilities against Russian troops in Dagestan and suffered a gunshot wound. In 2008, he took direct part in the armed conflict between Georgia and Russia on the side of Georgia. The Ukrainian special services reported that Makhauri had previously survived three assassination attempts. They noted that he had been wanted by the Chechen and Russian special services and was considered the personal enemy of Chechnya Head Ramzan Kadyrov.

Meanwhile, it is known that 3 years ago, Makhauri was detained by the Turkish police on charges of killing five Chechens hiding from Russian justice, after which the Turkish media accused him of "working for the Kremlin" and called him "one of the liquidators of Shamil Basayev."

A criminal case under Deliberate murder in a socially dangerous manner was initiated in Kiev following the incident.





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