Ukrainian journalist who investigated murder of ex-deputy Voronenkov disappears in Moscow

Ukrainian journalist who investigated murder of ex-deputy Voronenkov disappears in Moscow
Elena Boyko

On Monday, Elena Boyko was taken away by people in uniform, but neither the police nor the FSB knew anything about her whereabouts.

In Moscow, Lviv journalist Elena Boyko disappeared. Her whereabouts have not been known since the beginning of the week. The director and CEO of Filmcompany Lereve, Alexey Smirnov, wrote on his Facebook page. According to him, on December 10, a district police officer, two policemen and a civilian came to Boyko’s apartment (currently she lives in Moscow). They said that she needed to approach the station and answer a few questions. The woman got dressed and went with them. A few hours later a policeman came, but a friend who remained in the apartment was afraid to open the door. Since then, there is no information about Boyko.

As journalist Ruslan Ostashko told Ridus, it is possible that her detention is related to the investigation of the activities of killed ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov. However, neither the police nor the FSB has information about her whereabouts or the arrest.

Ostashko suggested that the widow of Voronenkov Maria Maksakova remained in touch with influential people who do not support Boyko’s activity.

Currently, a request to the police about the whereabouts of the journalist is being prepared by State Duma Deputy Sergey Shargunov. The daughter of Boyko intends to file an application with the Ministry of Internal Affairs about her disappearance.

Recall, Voronenkov was accused of a raider seizure of a building in the center of Moscow by Russia. For a long time, the deputy's mandate protected him from the investigation. After he failed to join the parliament in the next elections, Voronenkov and his wife left for Ukraine. In March 2017, he was shot dead by a killer in Kiev. The case was terminated "in connection with the death" of the defendant.

The criminal case of the raider seizure was initiated in 2011. The investigation stated that the building on Istnaya Street in Moscow with a market value of 127 million rubles ($1.9m) was sold for 20 million rubles.



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