Ukrainian hacker became first witness in FBI's 'Russian case' of hacking servers of US Democratic Party

Ukrainian hacker became first witness in FBI's 'Russian case' of hacking servers of US Democratic Party

The police refused to disclose the identity or any details of the biography of the hacker.⁠

The Ukrainian hacker gave confessions and witnessed the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in the case of hacking servers of the US Democratic Party during the campaign, which for Hillary Clinton turned into a series of scandals and became victorious for Republican Donald Trump. Russia is accused of organizing crack and leakage. The New York Times tells about the progress of the investigation and the work of two Russian hacker groups, who are connected to the attack.

According to NYT, the FBI witness became a hacker known as Profexer. He developed the program P.A.S. Web shell, which was used during an attack on US servers. Profexer himself did not use software for illegal purposes, but gave paid advice on its use. This allowed him to become a witness, not an accused. "I do not know what will happen, it will not be pleasant, but I'm still alive," Profexer wrote on one of the sites in the darkweb that he used for communication.

The Ukrainian police refused to disclose the identity or any details of the hacker's biography to the American newspaper. However, it clarified that he lives in Kiev and was not arrested.

NYT stresses that until now the absence of any factual evidence of Russia's involvement in this hacking was grounds for doubting the validity of such charges. In particular, President Donald Trump refused to directly blame Russia for the attack. He also denies that the leakage of information from the headquarters of the democrats influenced the course of the election campaign and helped him to win.

After in January 2017, the US intelligence services published information that the program was used in cyber attack, Profexer hid information about itself on the Internet. He deleted his site, where you could download free P.A.S. Web shell, and wrote in a private forum "I'm not interested in unnecessary attention to my personality." As it turned out later, at this time Profexer became a witness for the FBI. RBC points out that this is the first case of a witness in a cyber-attack case in the United States.

In the same publication, the American publication discusses how the work of the two hacker groups, which are associated with the attack - Advanced Persistent Threat 28, also known as Fancy Bear, and the Cozy Bear group, organized. NYT points out that at an official level, relations between Russia and Ukraine have become more acute than ever, but this did not stop Russian hackers from using Ukrainian software. Thus, these groups are not inclined to independently train and ‘arm’ their hackers, but are ready to attract freelancers and pay their work - thus acting as financial hubs.

"Now there is not, and never was, a single technical proof of the connection of the software used in cyberattack to the Democratic Party, with the Russian government," the edition quotes Jeffrey Carr, author of the book on cyberwarfare.

Russia repeatedly denied involvement in the hacker attack. The topic became one of the main issues at the first personal talks between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Upon completion, the Russian side said that Trump had accepted the Russian leader's assurance that Russia was not involved in the organization of the hacking.



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