Ukraine suspects Russian oligarch Kesaev of withdrawing $1 billion

Ukraine suspects Russian oligarch Kesaev of withdrawing $1 billion
Igor Kesaev

In addition, according to the Ukrainian siloviki, he is a supplier of arms to the Donbas.

The authorities of Ukraine announced the exposure of the scheme of tax evasion and illegal withdrawal of money abroad by a large tobacco company, the co-owner of which is Russian oligarch Igor Kesaev. Kommersant reports this.

Attorney General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko explained that this refers to distributor of tobacco products Megapolis Ukraine LLC (now – Tedis Ukraine). The investigation found that starting from 2015 the company withdrew about $1 billion (in hryvnia equivalent) through intermediary firms. This was despite the fact that the National Security and Defense Council (SNBO) imposed sanctions against Kesaev the form of a ban on withdrawing funds from Ukraine abroad. However, he was able to put his people on senior positions in the company, who coordinate all their actions with him.

A special zeal of Ukrainian law enforcement officers is caused by the fact that Kesaev is also a member of the board of directors of Russian The Degtyarev Plant CJSC, a defense enterprise that produces weapons and motor equipment. According to Lutsenko, the plant supplies its products to the DNR-LNR.

Since 2005 the Degtyarev Plant belongs to Mercury group of companies, whose president and owner is Igor Kesaev. His business empire also includes the largest tobacco distributor in Russia Megapolis group of companies, Diksi retail chain and large developer Mercury Development. He also owns one of the highest skyscrapers in Europe located in Moscow City – Mercury City Tower.

However, as it turned out, weapons from the plant were supplied not only to unrecognized republics. Last year first Deputy General Director of ZiD David Lipsman was brought to criminal liability in the case of the sale of Cornet-E anti-tank long-range missiles 9M133. According to The CrimeRussia, Kesaev himself had a direct relationship to the deal.

In addition, in 2003, special services of the United States, Britain and Russia prevented an attempt to import into the United States Russian portable anti-aircraft missile systems Igla, which were manufactured by ZiD. Then it turned out that there operates an illegal channel in the plant for the sale of weapons bypassing the only supplier of Russian arms abroad – Rosoboronexport. As our publication reported, Kesaev was involved in the organization of such a channel. The main buyers were participants of various hot spots on the planet. 



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