UK police seeking for black van over murder of oligarch Berezovsky's ally

UK police seeking for black van over murder of oligarch Berezovsky's ally
The police have already tried to identify the car Photo: Metropolitan police press office

The black van was spotted near exiled businessman's London home the day before he was found dead.

Police investigating the murder of Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov, ex-deputy director-general of Aeroflot, have today released CCTV footage of a black van seen driving past his home on the night he was strangled. 

The police have already tried to detect the car, but unsuccessfully so far. “Detectives are keen to identify the van and driver, who they believe could have information that may help with their inquiries,” Metropolitan police stated.

Police, who launched a murder investigation four days after his death, say they have obtained a total of 286 witness statements and have seized 1086 exhibits to date. The officers insisted that his death has nothing to do with the Skripal assassination attempt

Recall that the body of the former deputy head of Aeroflot and LogoVAZ was found in the evening of March 12 in his house. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "The Volkswagen van was seen in and around Clarence Avenue between 7.30pm and 10.30pm on Sunday, March 11.”

Glushkov's death was qualified as murder on March 16, four days after the discovery of the body. Initially, a version of suicide was considered, but then the police found that the death of the entrepreneur was caused by neck strangulating (the media wrote that Glushkov was strangled with his dog's leash). An investigation was launched.

Russia accused the colleague of Berezovsky of some frauds related to the oligarch's business. In March 2017, Moscow sentenced him in absentia to eight years' imprisonment for stealing $123 million from Aeroflot.



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