UFC fighter says world champ who killed officer is “good guy, easy to get along with” 

UFC fighter says world champ who killed officer is “good guy, easy to get along with”
Shahban Mochiev

Rustam Khabilov turned out to be a good friend of the athlete.

UFC fighter Rustam Khabilov stood up for the world hand-to-hand fight champ, Shahban Mochiev, who had shot down a Rosgvardiya officer in a conflict. Sport24 quoted Khabilov’s statement.

The UFC fighter said that he was friends with Mochiev, as they used to practice together. Khabilov found out about the incident from the press and was not aware of the details, but said that Mochiev would not have fired a gun without a reason.

 “They should interview people who were there. There may have been eyewitnesses,” he said.

According to Khabilov, Mochiev is “a good guy, easy to get along with, very normal”. The athlete added that he had never seen him "doing anything crazy." He last spoke with him about a year ago.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on November 18, a 26-year-old employee of the Rosgvardiya, Murad Ramazanov, was killed in a shootout near the Best Restaurant Club, while trying to prevent a fight. The lieutenant died on the spot from multiple gunshot wounds, including head ones.


The dead cop

The key suspect is Shakhban Mochiev, the world champion in hand-to-hand fighting. He got wounded, too, when the officer shot back and is now in the hospital. Two others are the brothers Magomed and Khaskil Yakubov, who are currently being looked for by the police.



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