Ufa policeman steals service car and goes into hiding after being accused of tortures 

Ufa policeman steals service car and goes into hiding after being accused of tortures
Fugitive police officer Photo: UFA1.RU

The operative has been put on the federal wanted list.

An employee of the Bashkiria MIA Criminal Investigation Department has been put on the federal wanted list for using violence against a 17-year-old girl. The investigation believes the silovik forced her to confess to committing a robbery. 

The MIA officer has been charged by his colleagues from the Bashkiria Investigative Committee. He is accused of Exceeding Official Powers. His whereabouts are to be established.


The captain’s family believes he is not a kind of person who can lay their hand on a minor girl. The police officer’s mother stresses that his “conscience and upbringing will not allow him to do it.” In addition, according to her, her son used to do kickboxing, so he has a “colossal endurance.” His colleagues characterize the operative only from the positive side. 

It is also noteworthy that the case against the police officer was initiated a year after the incident. Ufa1.ru’s source said it happened after the girl’s mother brought the matter before the Investigative Committee Directorate. 


According to the same source, the girl also has a list of violations. She is friends with a company of guys who have problems with the law: they steal things and food from stores. The editor’s office of the publication has come into possession of a video, which clearly shows the girl and her accomplice stealing from a supermarket.  Moreover, it is known that the alleged victim often went to work in Moscow, where she stole various goods and then resold them in Ufa. 

Video: Theft exposed in Ufa  

The operative investigated into the case of theft, with which the girl was charged, in the summer of 2018. According to the investigation, the girl hit a 20-year-old young man on the street, snatched a bag with 17 thousand rubles ($264) from him, and fled. She and several of her accomplices were detained hot on the trail, and she confessed to the crime. Friends from the same company, who had seen her committing the crime, turned her in. After the detention, the girl said she had made a confession statement under torture.



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