Ufa: ex-inquiry officer who reported rape by colleagues to become a lawyer

Ufa: ex-inquiry officer who reported rape by colleagues to become a lawyer

Previously, the girl was dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for conduct that tarnishes the honor of a police officer.

Ufa inquiry officer Gulnaz Fatkhlislamova, who had raped by her colleagues from the police and who has been recently dismissed from the MIA, will become a lawyer.

According to Mash, the 23-year-old girl has applied for lawyer status in Sterlitamak. To become one, she will have to pass a written and oral exam.

Yesterday, it became known that by the results of a service check, the inquiry officer who had reported the rape by three police officers to the Investigative Committee and her friend were dismissed from the MIA for defamatory behavior.

It concerns the infamous ‘party’ in the administrative building of the MIA in the Ufa district, where the girls and their three superiors were drinking alcohol, the MIA press service in Bashkortostan reported.

To recall, Chief of Ufa District Police Eduard Matveev, Chief of the Police Department of Karmaskaly District Salavat Galiev, and Head of the MIA Department for Migration Pavel Yaromchuk were earlier dismissed after being arrested on rape charges. The Investigative Committee had initiated criminal cases under three articles, including Rape (item “a” part 2 of Art. 131 of the Russian Criminal Code), and Violent Sexual Actions (item “a” part 2 of Art. 132 of the Russian Criminal Code) against them.



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