Tyurik starts opening up. Thief asks "not to embroil him in sordid plots" related to Voronenkov’s murder

Tyurik starts opening up. Thief asks "not to embroil him in sordid plots" related to Voronenkov’s murder
Vladimir Tyurin and Maria Maksakova

Known as an entrepreneur and a thief in law, the former civil husband of Maria Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin, made his first public statement through television. Earlier he gave comments on the accusation of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine only through his lawyer.

Tyurin aka Tyurik, who several days ago came himself for questioning at the Main Investigative Directorate (MID) of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) in the case on the murder of Voronenkov, sent an open letter to NTV channel and asked to publicize his text in full.

Tyurik's letter concerns the recent statement of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, accusing Tyurin of organizing the murder of runaway ex-Duma deputy in the center of Kiev on March 23.

"I can not say that I do not care about the conversations that have been recently held in Russian and Ukrainian media about me and my family," writes Tyurin, who has long kept a low profile.

"I feel bad about my name being used in various insinuations by individual Ukrainian politicians for achieving their own political goals. I am not involved in what I am publicly accused of by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. In this regard, I earnestly ask you not to embroil my relatives and me in your sordid plots and leave us alone, given that there are enough issues in Ukraine that require an urgent resolution," the letter reads, the text of which is quoted by NTV.

According to the Ukrainian supervisory authority, the investigation established all the participants in the crime - killer Pavel Parshov, who was fatally shot at the scene of the murder, acted in concert with citizens of Ukraine Vasilenko, Tarasenko, Los and Levents. The customer of Voronenkov's assassination, Lutsenko said, was Tyurin, who allegedly was "asked by the FSB" about this. Maria Maksakova, commenting on Lutsenko's statement, saw eye to eye with the Prosecutor General, saying that "Tyurin combined business with pleasure."

Tyurin considers these accusations as "nonsense". On Saturday, his lawyer, Sergey Belyak, told TASS that the ICR had no complaints against his trustee. According to Kommersant, the ICR is entertaining a number of inferences of the motive for the murder of Denis Voronenkov, mainly related to his business. Tyurik claims he was never personally acquainted with Voronenkov, he was not jealous of Maksakova since he lived with her many years before her acquaintance with Voronenkov, and never mingled with the former deputy business-wise.



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