Tyumen doctors began surgery before anesthesia took effect 

Tyumen doctors began surgery before anesthesia took effect

A patient with a loose needle in her leg underwent an emergency operation.

Tyumen doctors performed an emergency surgery on a patient, without waiting for her to be completely anesthesized. A metal needle mounted on a woman’s leg loosened and could go through the skin. According to the patient's son Oleg Korzhanov, the doctor did not explain the rush, REN-TV reports.

“Mom ... I saw her roaring, she could be heard screaming in the whole hospital. I did not know what to do in this situation. She did not know what to do in such a situation. The doctor did not explain why it was necessary to carry out the operation in this particular way,” said Korzhanov.

About a month ago, the woman slipped on the street and broke her knee, a metal structure was put in her leg. When it loosened, the woman again went to the hospital and passed the tests. The doctor decided to conduct an operation without preparation, local anesthesia was made, but, according to Korzhanov, it did not take effect. When the woman started screaming in pain during the operation, a nurse resented: “Why are you screaming?”

The press service of the Health Department told Korzhanov that they had gotten a needle out and suggested writing a complaint.



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