Tyumen district police officer who committed suicide was trying to shake system up

Tyumen district police officer who committed suicide was trying to shake system up
Rustam Gindullin

The senior Lieutenant took his own life after the divorce in the morning of October, 15.

The Tyumen policeman hope that after the story of their colleague, who found dead with a gunshot wound, "the whole system will be shaken up." 25-year-old Rustam Gindullin, according to a source of URA.Ru familiar with the situation, wanted to move to Tyumen due to the fact that he had a bad relationship with the Head of the MIA in the Uvat District Alexander Lukashenko, this is where the young man worked earlier.

"This district officer has long asked for relocation to Tyumen, but the Head of the Uvat District did not give him permission, told the agency a source familiar with the situation. - For a long time, he victimized the guy. But the district policeman finally did manage to move." In addition, the source said, the policeman’s decision could be affected by the story with his girlfriend.

Rustam Gindullin last year was the best district police officer in the Tyumen Region: he won the regional competition of professional skill called among the district police inspectors and juvenile policeman called Best in Profession. The Uvat media wrote about the young guardian of the order that Rustam Gindullin since childhood dreamed of working in the police, and he chose the profession himself – none of his relatives of served in law enforcement bodies before. His father worked in the Russian Railways, the mother – in health care. The Gindullins family lives in the village Turtas of the Uvat District. After graduation, Gindullin worked as a district policeman in the village Demyanka and Mugen. According to local media, he was considered one of the best district police officers.

According to URA.Ru’s source, Gindullin moved to Tyumen, where his girlfriend lived, in February this year. On the morning of Saturday, October 15, the morning after the divorce, the guardian of order came to his office in his police department №5. Some time later, he was found dead, lying next to a service weapon. A note was found next to his body: according to the Investigative Directorate of the ICR in the region, it said that the reason for this decision were some personal problems, and the media obtained information on his parting with the girlfriend and a huge loan that the young man took from one of the big banks. The full text of the note neither the law enforcement, nor the investigators did not disclose. However, according to URA.Ru, it was not only about the problems with his beloved and difficulties with the credit.

"He did not have any problems with the girl, and we all have loans, said one of the young man's colleagues to the agency. - He got tired of the constant pressure from the management. If it was about the problems with the girlfriend or the loan, he would have done solved them in a different way. And here we have an absolutely demonstrative act: suicide through the use of the standard-issue weapon in his office."

The Police Department No. 5, where the tragedy occurred, was very notorious in Tyumen: its staff became the persons of interest in criminal cases and reports. However, in February 2016, his Head was replaced and the talks about the fifth Department subsided.

Meanwhile, the agency’s interlocutor notes that "in our town, one can not find normal chiefs of police departments, people everywhere are working in a constant state of stress due to relationship with their management." "When the Head during the staff meetings, swears at you, can throw you documents in the face is a usual thing, and people who previously were quite calm, even at home, where they are surrounded by their families, break on shouting and provoke scandals - said the source. - Rustam was an impressionable person. I make no question of the fact that he could simply not stand it." The interlocutor of URA.Ru emphasized that the tragedy is now being widely discussed among the police officers themselves. "Now, many hope that after this story, a very serious inspection will take place and the entire system will be shaken thoroughly. Then, a lot of unpleasant facts will be revealed", he believed.

At the same time, another source of URA.Ru noted that the Head of the Police Department No. 5 Alexander Simonov treated the young district policeman well. "He sent a guy to the competition on fire training - why would he do that if he victimized him? This young man actually wanted to be in the Special Forces (OMON), when there was an opportunity, he came to the base to train, he failed his first attempt, but he did not lose hope", the source said.

On the Internet, the citizens express their condolences to the relatives of Rustam Gindullin and ask his colleagues to find out what actually happened. "It is suspicious that the note had a request to cremate the body (to cover their tracks?). It immediately makes one think of ​​the murder and that the note was written under the threat", suggest few people.

The MIA Directorate of the Region previously reported that the death of a young police officer will be investigated. Also, the circumstances of the death of best the police in the area is investigated by the regional ICR Investigative Directorate.



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