Tyumen: bank and police officers wiretapped phones

Tyumen: bank and police officers wiretapped phones

The FSB has exposed the group’s activity.

Officers of the security service of Zapsibkombank in Tyumen and the local police are suspected of illegal wiretapping of phones. The FSB disrupted the group’s activity. It is found that the criminals would sell information, Head of the Tyumen Consulting Group Soyuz, Dmitry Gorin, said. 

“Officer of the Federal Security Service Directorate in the Tyumen region have successfully neutralized an organized group of Zapsibkombank security service officers and acting employees of the Department ‘K’ of the MIA Directorate in the Tyumen region,” Gorin said. 

He added that the check was conducted on the eve the Moscow Commission, which would check how the MIA corrected last year’s “failure” according to the results of the check. 

According to Kommersant, the special operation was conducted on March 10. Back then, two officers of Zapsibkombank's security service were detained, namely Aleksandr Bazaley and Denis Druganov. They have been released, but law enforcers are checking their involvement in tailing people and extortion.



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