Two Ukrainian organ traders arrested in Moscow

Two Ukrainian organ traders arrested in Moscow

In Moscow two citizens of Ukraine on suspicion of human trafficking were detained, the ICR spokeswoman Yulia Ivanova reported. A criminal case was initiated under the Criminal Code article providing a punishment for this crime.⁠

According to investigators, 22-year-old Andrey Borodach and 23-year-old Maria Oleinik involved their 20-year-old acquaintance in provision of sexual services. However, it was not enough to them and they asked the girl to sell a kidney.

In search of a buyer for a kidney criminals found the volunteer, who turned out to be the law enforcement operative. The suspects were caught red-handed while receiving three thousand dollars in Moscow.

Interior Ministry spokesman Irina Volk added that this case is not the only one. The suspects purposefully searched for people with financial difficulties on the Internet and asked them to sell their organs on the donor's purposes.

Currently, authorities are about to nail on charge, the question of choosing a measure of restraint is in the solution phase.



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