Two police officers cause drunken row in Volgograd strip club 

Two police officers cause drunken row in Volgograd strip club
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The law enforcers, who had arrived from Saratov to have a good time, were outraged by a 10-thousand-ruble ($169) check.

After a hectic night from November 11 to 12, two Saratov police officers made a scene in the Volgograd strip club "69", Bloknot-Volgograd reports.

The Saratov law enforcers, who were celebrating Police Day, ordered drinks from the bar, drunk, and treated the strippers to the drinks the whole night. However, after the 10-thousand-ruble bill came, they became outraged, saying that they "couldn't have drunken so much," and refused to pay.

The law enforcement officers were in civilian clothing, but presented their warrant cards to the National Guard unit that arrived in response to a silent alarm. 

However, that did not stop the wild Saratov natives. They began to threat and insult the National Guard soldiers. After that, the latter called in the local police squad, who brought drunken colleagues to the district police department.

Video: Police officers cause drunken row in a strip club in Volgograd



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