Two more videos showing tortures of prisoners in Yaroslavl colony 

Two more videos showing tortures of prisoners in Yaroslavl colony
Prisoner Pavel U.

One of the prisoners was forced to smoke a cigarette after a “turned out.”

New videos showing the tortures of prisoners in the correctional camp No. 1, Yaroslavl region, have been posted. The videos had been discovered by lawyers of the Obshchestvenny Verdikt foundation, and Novaya Gazeta published them.

The first video shows bullying of a Yaroslavl correctional camp No. 1 (IK-1) prisoner, Pavel U., who was released last summer. In the beginning, a naked man is seen squatting in front of employees in uniform. Then, one of the operatives tells the man with a camera to turn it off. Pavel was stripped in the office, where another prisoner, Evgeny Makarov, was previously beaten. Prison workers gagged his mouth with a towel and put him on the desk.

“When they put me on the desk, I closed my eyes. They held my head, then they began to beat me on the ass and buttocks with a mallet, and then with a wood waste board and rubber stick. I lost consciousness two times. Then they would remove me from the desk and pour water on me so that I came to senses,” the convict said.

Other frames show the beaten prisoner with bruises on his face being forced to smoke a cigarette after a “turned out.” “There are 40 of us, and you are alone,” one of the officers said.

Video: (18+) Employees of Yarosavl colony No. 1 torture and “cornhole” a prisoner

According to Pavel U., the people who abused him could be seen in another video, where they tortured Makarov, but they were never prosecuted.

The second video with tortures is recorded with a bodycam of an administration employee, Vladimir Kostyuk. It shows a prisoner worker beating Pavel Sokolov.

Video: (18+) Assistant chief of Yaroslavl colony No. 1 beating a prisoner

According to human rights defenders, it was the first video with the torture of Pavel U. that the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate mentioned when saying they had found a new video showing “violations of the law” by convicts and employees of IK-1.

In July 2018, Novaya Gazeta published a video from the bodycam of a Federal Penitentiary Service employee, which was obtained by Obshchestvenny Verdikt, showing IK-1 officers beating Makarov. A month later, another video with Yaroslavl colony tortures appeared.

After it was published, the ICR initiated several criminal cases of Exceeding Official Powers (Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code), the defendants in which include 12 prison guards from IK-1 and two from IK-8. In February 2019, ex-Chief of the Yaroslavl correctional camp No. 1, Dmitry Nikolaev, and his deputy, Igit Mikhaylov, were placed under house arrest as part of the same case.



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